Hi, I am Caleb.

Welcome to my website. I’m excited you’re here.

I first picked up a camera in 2017 when my father bought one for himself. The first time I picked it up, I immediately fell in love and a new passion was born.

So why Eli? I chose to name my company Eli because its Hebrew meaning is ‘high’ or ‘elevated.’ I believe that God has always been gracious and merciful to me. He has definitely put me in the most favorable positions throughout my life. One favorable position God has placed me in recently is celebrating life’s little joys by capturing people through my camera lens.

Through my lens, I’ve watched a client’s baby take their first steps, I’ve seen pure confessions of love between two people, and I’ve seen people gain the courage to stand in front of a camera to take new headshots for their new business. It’s easy to let go of the joyous moments in this world, but keeping them forever frozen in time is a real thing. In the end, what I will say to all is “Choose your Moment” because it is worth it. Let me capture it.